We Put People First, and Win Together

Our Mission is Do to Others as You Would Want Them to Do For You

Help us raise the bar #WatermarkWay

We Put People First, and Win Together

Love where you work, the People you work with and the clients you work for. Live a life where you don’t have a job, you have a career.

People First

Others’ Success Over Our Own Success. You’d Expect Nothing Less from a Trusted Advisor.

Do the Right Thing

Whatever You Wish that Others Would Do to You, Do Also to Them. It’s That Simple.

Excellence Everyday

Excellence is a choice that doesn’t take a day off. It either becomes a habit or it doesn’t.

Be Better Than Yesterday

We Either Become Better or Worse, We Never Stay the Same. Commit to Being Your Best.

Good is About to Happen

Our Expectations Impact the Results and We Expect Good Things to Happen.

Give Back

We cheerfully give back to our communities, clients and charities.

Our Team

Regan Hagestad

Vice President

Jonathan Doddridge

Branch Manager

Paul Marinko

Mortgage Banker

Alexa Parra

Mortgage Banker

Matthew DiSalvo

Mortgage Banker

Brad Hudson

Mortgage Banker

Ryan Stephens

Mortgage Banker

Lance O’Pry

Mortgage Banker

Leigh Fowler

Mortgage Banker

Louis Berman

Branch Manager

Scott Kennedy

Production Partner

Kameron Neuhaus

Loan Manager

Ryan Schlothauer

Mortgage Banker

Shawna Al-Daghesh

Mortgage Banker

Terms, conditions & restrictions apply. Subject to underwriting approval. Application required; not all applicants will be approved. Property insurance and other documentation may be required. Loan secured by a lien against your property. Consolidating or refinancing debts may increase the time and/or the finance charges/total loan amount needed to repay your debt. Fees and charges may apply, and may vary by product and state. Taxes & insurance extra. Appraisal and other fees paid outside of closing (POC) are non-refundable. Important information relating specifically to your loan will be contained in the loan documents, which alone will establish your rights and obligations under the loan plan. Call for details.